What the used panties buyers think about you and what you should do about it

It’s possible that a used panties buyer gets you wrong in a chat and has a different opinion about you than what you really are. If you notice that someone has unrealistic opinion about you that is more negative, try to change it and show your true self. Sometimes the used panties sellers may be kind of tired or bored and don’t show their full potential online.

Don’t lose the chance to change the incorrect impression that a used panties client has received and gain him as an interested buyer again.

A used panties client stops chatting
If a used panties buyer stops chatting, then he has lost interest in your conversations. You should react right away and show him what he is going to miss. Initiate a chat with him and focus on making it extremely exciting. It’s normal to have buyers that you have bored due to a variety of circumstances, however you can change it and regain their interest. Use the naughtiest phrases possible and some exciting sexy lingerie photography. This is going to make him consider your profile and classifieds again, changing his opinion about you due to receiving great sexual joy from your chatting sessions.

A client just chats without purchasing
In case that a buyer is simply chatting and doesn’t want to purchase your used lingerie, you can offer him some special classifieds that you haven’t posted yet. Observe the situation with care and don’t lose him as a client. All you need to do is make him a personalised negotiation where you interrogate him about his lingerie taste and offer him a variety of used panties form which he can choose. This is going to excite his interest in your classifieds in general and make him a more active buyer when he interacts with you.

He starts asking you questions
When a used panties buyer asks questions it’s a good sign but also it shows that may be you’re not presenting you as an attractive seller well. Make your clients immediately decide themselves without having doubts being as more expressive as possible in your messages, profile and classifieds. This is going to speed up the process of making negotiations and let the clients be more determined when it comes to investing. Being a confident and persuasive used panties seller is going to change the way the buyers see you and guarantee you more success without taking a lot of efforts.